Prepare to face the Storm Tyrant.

In this adventure series you’ll be facing giants and their allies and minions. You’re characters will be starting in the frontier town of Trunau. Work together to make your characters so that each of your backgrounds is tied to at least one other character. There should be a thread running through the group that ties all of you to one another and through that connection to the town of Trunau itself.

I’m going to be basing the character creation around the point buy rules in the Core Rulebook. I’ll be allowing many races, but more powerful races will be awarded fewer points to spend on the ability score buy, while less powerful races will be awarded more points. The average race will receive 20 points to spend. This includes most of the standard races from the Core Rulebook.

See Races, Classes and Ability Scores for more information.

Giantslayer Campaign

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